ordures exquises, 2019
«français sent chic AF, français sent sophistiqué AF»

Interactive Video Installation
Recycling bins, tv, wires, vcr, vhs tapes

stills from ordures exquises, 2019

tape 1

Source videos by (in order of appearance and approximate timing on tape):

Rae 00:00:00-00:28:50
Jenna Bennett 00:28:50-00:38:30
frncsbrkr 00:38:30-00:39:41
Velianna Catalano 00:39:41-00:41:59
Tamara DelBoccio 00:41:59-00:46:34
Jenna annunziayo 00:46:34-00:51:16
Christina Capasso 00:51:16-00:55:59
Kristy Jados 00:56:10-00:59:37
Nick Carbone 00:59:37-01:04:43
A Bartolotta 01:04:43-01:12:06
Vernon m. Byron 01:12:06-01:13:53
Daniel Blisowski 01:13:58-01:17:37

playlist of tapes 1, 5, 7, 10,15

3d prototypes

During the summer of 2019 I coordinated a video based Exquisite Corpse* in which I gave 12 collaborators with differing artistic backgrounds digitally obsolete video recording equipment.  These included hi 8 and mini dv camcorders, point and shoot pocket cameras, children’s camcorders, and outdated used cellphones.

They recieved the following 2 prompts:
1. Record 1-10 minutes of video
2. “I want you to make bad art.  or maybe trash art?”

The resulting videos were then strung together via analog editing techniques on a single VHS tape.  The master tape is then transferred to 15 consecutive VHS tapes through a process I called Zero^2**.

As an installation:
-a CRT monitor and e-trash are placed in one recycling bin while hooked up to a VCR that is placed in or beneath the additional recycling bin located beside it.
-the additional recycling bin contains the recorded VHS tapes

The gallery is put in charge of the initial daily set up of playing the VHS tapes but can allow viewers to change the tapes at will.

This piece marks my first formal dive into skuzzgrime, my school of art/thot, as Qasi BABb Pink.
*an artistic exercise created by the French Surrealists defined as “a method by which a collection of words or images [or varying media] is collectively assembled. Each collaborator adds to a composition in sequence” -Ms W.iki.Pedia
**similar to a continuous cycle of photocopying a photocopy (or thising a this)