Okay, just a sec,
I’ll tell you my name and gender in a moment.
<in distance, someone else, inaudible>
It’s private, personal information that only
the government and everyone I have to interact with has to know
That’s crazy cuz my gender is 64187
and I’m sleepy,
I identify as sleepy.

[in response to “how are you?”]
Can we do, what’s your wavelength?
that sounds more hippy
What’s your wavelength?
What vibe are your coasting on?
What’s your color today?
I like that.

What’s your color?
The subtlety of emotions cannot sometimes be described by
English words.

My color right now…
I feel like a yellow green.
Yeah, a little bit of yellow and a little bit of green,
but not like an olive.
Like a bright springy yellow green.

At the same time, you describe a color,
but it’s like,
when you make it a pantone kind of flat surface,
one single, two dimensional color-
yeah that exists but that’s not the depth of emotion.

The real color of annoying in real life is not a paint sample,
it has different layers,
like emotions do!

Also three dimensional, ironically,
I have this tube of paint,
acrylic gouache, Leaf Green, by Holbein.

Oh wait, wait, its-
I was pointing at my screen
but you can’t see me pointing at the screen.

Yeah, Holbein’s Leaf Green.
I have Cosmos pink here too,
that one’s just for you.


You know what, I know exactly what I want!
Completely unrelated to anything else.
I want a hallway.

I want a nice long hallway,
with some nice funky wallpaper,
maybe some art on the walls,
maybe a table with some flowers on it.

[On hallways]
They’re very intimate, and at the same time invisible.
When you’re walking through a hallway,
you don’t really think about it.

You don’t really notice it as a space in and of itself.
Which is appealing to me because,
if I’m not noticed, I don’t have to perform perfection
or perform functionality.

At the same time,
if you actually linger around in the hallway,
and get to know me,
im this very cozy, nice, intimate, passionate person.

There’s also details in the hallway that you miss,
when you’re just walking through-
but at the same time it’s nice not to be noticed,


[On hallways]
It is fun to think about how,
you’re decorating a transient space
with permanent objects-

-and there’s not really a conclusion to that thought process,
but there’s something about time and space
when you’re thinking of a hallway that’s just-

-I guess there’s the term “passage” or “passage way”,
which is kind seen as a physical thing,
but sometimes it’s more metaphorical
when you read it in writing.

Like a rite of passage, or
passing through?

There’s kind of a passage way between
your mental experience and your physical experience,
and those are two different things,

but sometimes they are kind of the same thing,
and you go back and forth.


Anything colorful is appealing to me.
I like patterns, and funky things on the walls.

Oh that lady on the bed, spread out like that,
that’s how I feel inside.
That’s my-
-I keep pointing at the screen, again,
and you can’t see me pointing.

This is my essence.  
I don’t project it but…
in my fantasy world…

Or I have this picture saved on my phone,
that’s a picture of Miss Piggy.
lying on a bed, wearing a silk robe.

Sometimes I put that on a profile or something…
to express… just express.


Self love is always a constant up and down rollercoaster.
It’s almost like,
it’s not self love, it’s
self fear or maybe even

Where it’s like,
“I’m an intimidating force, so I have to respect that a little bit.
But also I drive myself insane”
So, it’s hard to say it’s love exactly.

Just enough love and respect,
that I take care of myself I guess.

~yeah, I feel like somewhere out there,
someone understands technology~

Love is a nice warm spring day.
Like the color,
it’s a Leaf Green.
Love, is a Leaf Green.

I have to get in character,
it’s method.

Like it or lump it pal!