Meet Dyzmo

Dyzmo is a hybrid Hunky Punk//Mezuzah
Click on Dyzmo to view dyzmo z pray er

You will find Dyzmo in many places, but primarily near entrances and doorways.

Dyzmo is a Hunky Punk (grotesque) of my gender dysphoria and body dysmorphia.

Within each Dyzmo a prayer can be found, acting as a gentle reminder that when you enter the space, dyzmo is there to ward off toxic thoughts and feelings you may carry. 

“It is okay to be not okay
you do not have to love yourself to love or be loved by others
now is not forever
I am not sorry.”

Dyzmo offers the opportunity for me to filter my Jewish/Christian upbringing through my queer identity and subsequently into the spaces the work exists in.  As a hybrid hunky-punk/mezuzah, the artwork is a reminder of self love and a symbol that marks these spaces as safe for Jewish and lgbtq+ individuals, as well as other disenfranchised communities.

As an installation, dyzmo will take many forms, with sculptural variations coming in the future.  

The virtual dyzmo prototype will appear as an ongoing loop played on a cracked smartphone that is hanging slightly askew.  The phone will be attached to the wall near a doorframe or on the doorframe itself.  

As a virtually interactive artwork, a QR code will be placed on or near the phone directing viewers to a virtual performance of dyzmo z pray er.  This allows for interaction without the need for physical contact.

    The Dyzmo Prototype is digitally composed of a gif lasting 00:00:03:29 looped indefinitely

    The dimensions of this work vary depending on the space with the initial design based around the dimensions of the iPhone 4, 4.5” x 2.25” x 0.25”.