HDMI - Magically Imbalanced, Hyperlink Dollhouse (last name, first name).  I prefer HDMI, and I am the softboi house that holds us together.  I’m super shy, have agoraphobic tendencies and A Lot of social anxiety.  Yes, I am the cousin of the famous Chalet Chateau (host of “The At Home Show” on the Wide World Network) and distant relative to Femme Maison {butttttttt please don’t ask for their autographs}

lucid.lemon - Our lovely hallway, intersecting and connecting and just like totally bringing us together <3

_Botanical.boi.toy_ - Our fuzzy garden that guides us to Fwuun 🌜🌚🌛
🌜 Fwuun 🌛
The fuzzy ball of joy who lights our sky
(and definitely my best friend,
despite the rumors)

/EnDeeYoh - Our comfy living room and home to the very sleepy and very cuddly dDoge
She is a sleepy girl

Celine_Pandragon - Our magically enchanted pyramid office where the cats live
︎Pyramid Cat︎
Ruler of the office, ruler of pyramid schemes.  Don’t let his cuteness fool you!  One pet and you may find yourself investing in longterm financial spiral.  And then your eyes will  puff up and you will find yourself unable to breathe!  Don’t let his cuteness fool you!  It’s too late...
︎Office Cats︎
Business as usual.  They absolutely love cat videos, which may or may not be weird...?  But also, who could blame them??  

obscurebodyhacker,,, - Coming soon

︎#hex codes#︎
︎A coven of digital witches who traverse time and space, living in liminal dimensions embodied by flowing forms.  You will see these witches everywhere, whether or not you are aware of it.  Their magic is powerful! Also, they are pretty chill roommates.︎

#F683C8 - She’s the favorite, and she knows it.  This nonbinary femme is V confident and super chill.  Not to be confused with their older brother #FF91AF (aka Drunk Tank Pink) who is a bit manipulative and outdated in his ways.

#2200CC - (aka hyperlink blu) This gørl is happy to guide you wherever you need to go, and may accidentally bring you somewhere you never expected.  She believes that you must take the first step, but will try to be there to point you in the right direction if you ever get lost ( awww :3 )

#00CC22 - (aka chroma key green) This gender fluid angel is everywhere and nowhere.  With their help, you can transform the spaces they inhabit into anything you want.  They give you that power, but it is up to you to use it.

Magic Texture Node -  Excommunicated from the order of the hex codes, this gørl... this gørl…….. don’t get me wrong, we love her! She just has a bad habit of, ...influencing others a little toooooo much...  especially Qasi.  ANYWAY! This powerful witch loves to touch EVERYTHING! Ask yourself, “do I see swirls?” MTN touched that… “Do I see pulsating colors?” MTN was there… “Are things moving when they maybe shouldn’t be?” Magic texture node has gone loose.  We don’t know where she went, but we know where she’s been.  Also she is super moody….. but shhhhh you didn’t hear any of this from me.
🪄Magic Texture Node Spells🪄
🪄False Color
An ancient and forbidden magic,
hidden at the end of the render properties,
buried beneath color management.
A spell so sinister!
So evil!
So! ... Basic?
The center jenny of spells, truly. 
Yet, that is where the true danger lies.
False color is obvious once you can recognize it,
but recognition is only the first step.
🪄Optical Flow
Another basic spell.  Barely hidden,
you can find this spell in Time Interpolation.
Some may call this a cheap trick,
as it imitates fluid slow motion.

more to come as episodes are released!