artist bio and statement

Currently based out of the Hudson Valley, I, Qasi BABb Pink (~KC Baby Pink~), am a multidisciplinary artist with a background in expanded cinema which focused on experimental chemical processes revolving around bodily intuition and lo-fi techniques.  Diverting from standards of technical perfection, I have spent the past few years destroying my past filmography in favor of a body of art revolving around performance and interactivity.

In 2016, while searching for a way to describe the new direction my artwork was headed, skuzzgrime was born.  The fluid-like gobbledygook that embodies skuzzgrime floats in the liminal space between aesthetic and genre, synthesizing my unyielding love for fine art and the conceptually queer.  In 2018, I formally took on the identity of Qasi BABb Pink and began a pursuit of art under the umbrella of skuzzgrime.

By embracing humor, play and transparency, I don the mask of “antagonist” to combat the often esoteric and inaccessible nature of fine art.  In the celebration of failure and decay, the facade of authorship crumbles, allowing the viewer (that’s you!) to enter the role of collaborator.  Through this collaborative interaction physicality is born.  Whether in the tactile or virtual sense, the inevitability of putrefaction in the corporeal and digital realms binds the experiential nature of my art to a deteriorating feedback loop.  

I am currently building a virtual interactive gallery devoted to providing poc, lgbtq+ and other marginalized artists a space to explore and exhibit digital lo-fi art through the lens of skuzzgrime.  


If you:
want to know more about skuzzgrime,
are interested in taking part in the virtual gallery I am creating,
Or just wanna chat about art and stuff,
Contact me!

<a letter to my two subscribers>

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FROm: qbP@Yaawel.COmE
SuBject: QasI baBb Pink//fquEeR femmE FAT FAILUrE FarTiSt

TO mY 2 suBScRiBErS (And anYone ElsE I gueSs),

QAsI babB piNK Is OnE OF THOse NONbINarY FEMmE ARtfaGS whO fINdS GEnre And meDIUm as NotHiNG BUT a MEanS To aN eND.

WIth a bACkgROuNd iN ExpErimENTal cINeMA aND A DrivE tOWarDs pErFORmANCe ART thE Body BecoMeS A plAygROUnd For ThIs MAD SCieNtIst.

AS THe eNbY-mAMAPaPa OF sKuzzgRIME, a SKOOL OF art-THOt, They aRE CuRRenTLY On a JoUrNeY To diSSeMINATe ThEiR LOVe foR thE GROTESQue, iRREVEReNt, And abSUrD iNto tHe arT worLd.  COnCuRRently, thEy are recruitING ThOSe WITh siMIlaR PASsions ANd AnNoyiNg oTHeRs WITH POtENtial.

Qasi BABb Pink

(siGNaTurES arE FOr cHUmps)
btw ima they/them:she/her kinda gorl